Kontakan opens Jobs and Experts section

Kontakan.com has soft-launched its Jobs and Experts section to match headhunters and jobseekers.

The Jobs and Experts section is open to registered members of Kontakan.com.

Each registered user can post up to 10 job posts at a time and a single Expert profile.

The Expert profile is completely separate from your Kontakan member profile, because you can use a different name on the Expert profile (if you are using a nickname or handle in Kotakan, you can use your real name for your Expert profile. We understand that some members want it that way.

As a Kontakan member, you don’t automatically have an Expert profile. You have to manually create it.

The email address you will use in your Expert profile will not be publicly visible. It will only be used to send you an email when a prospective client or employer sends you a message through your Experts profile contact form. Even then, your email address will not be visible on the contact form. The person who contacted you will only have your email address when you reply to that person from your email account.

Members may create up to 10 job postings. You will also have to enter your email address in the job posting, but in the same way as the Expert messaging system works, your email address will be hidden on the Job page.

We hope that this section will help the growing number of freelancers who are looking for more opportunities to get clients and projects.

To start, visit our Jobs and Experts section here: http://kontakan.com/jobs




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