What’s going on with Kontakan chat

Early members of Kontakan have probably gone through 3 chat systems already in the first week that the website opened its doors to registration.

I do expect a lof of you to be confused at this early stage as we test different chat systems to finally decide which one will serve the community better.

In deciding which one to use, we are looking to have these features in our Kontakan chat:

  1. Mobile-friendly chat system that looks good on desktop and feels intuitive (easy to use) on mobile
  2. Ability to show avatars on the chat box
  3. Support for multiple chat rooms for our public chat channels, the main chat lobby, Groups and private chat channels
  4. Ability to send photos, files and of course, smile. We also would want users to be able to send from their device cameras.
  5. Play youtube links on the chat window.
  6. A site-wide chat widget for our Support team to accept chat messages
  7. Banned words and filters
  8. Anti-flooding
  9. Link user name to user profile.

At this stage, going into the second week of Kontakan’s public opening, we are very close to implementing the definitive chat application for Kontakan the meets the above requirements and will announce this to our members as soon as possible.




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