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by on October 14, 2021

We'll soon be able to get the Madden game's player ratings. Washington Football Team asked players who were part of the team last year to predict their Madden scores mut coins. Every one of them was positively optimistic.

The first was tight end Logan Thomas, who proclaimed that his Madden rating "has to increase" in comparison to last year's rating. What is the number he believes that it should be? It's a good question. He's wearing No. in his jersey. He believed that this was an impressive rating after his breakout year in 2020.

Before joining the WFT, Logan Thomas had recorded just 35 receptions and 317 yards in his entire career. He surpassed the double-digits of those numbers in a single year in 2020. He hauled 72 catches totaling 670 yards. In spite of that stellar year in which Thomas ranked 9th in touchdowns.

7th in receiving yards, and third in receptions among NFL tight ends PFF put Washington's tight end of the year as the number. 14 in their list of the top 32 tight-ends in the NFL this month cheap Mut 22 coins. It is evident that Thomas is hoping to earn more respect from the Madden rating team.

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