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by on December 21, 2020

Hi there! I'm currently sitting in 82 runecrafting and  OSRS gold tips on which strategy to use so as to reach 91. I have crafted natures using a Graahk since 75 and would quite like to try something different, my choices are: Legislation (abyss), Laws (balloon), ZMI, Dual astrals, Graahk natures.

I have never been too keen on the ZMI, however if it is the best option then I'll give it a moments chance. I've attempted astrals before, however the suqah stress me, I truly don't like wearing any type of armour since I like the lighter weight, but I don't have the best defence and they hit pretty consistently. In terms of laws, I was able to work out the hell out of the balloon method, therefore I know what I am doing in that regard, and of course, I said the Graahk natures sooner on. Any additional approaches and all tips are welcome.

I started playing RuneScape a few days back. I found RuneScape addicting and fun, but I saw some people over RuneScape which were far stronger then me, like level 68 or level 70. And so I decided to function and aim my goal to  cheap RuneScape gold develop into strong and meet a woman and a boy who will be my friends and assist me on my journey. If anyone can, please tell me where the best places are for all these individual stats so that I can train! Also if there'll be a woman and guy to assist me on my journey that would be nice. Thanks!


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