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by on October 20, 2021

I'm not sure why they set content-related objectives when the RS gold game has such poor content. If you're a fan of questing, which you could do with 70+ skills, it takes only a few hours to get the quest cape. I believe that making the game more difficult is a mistake. The majority of updates make it worse. It's already easy enough tbh, all you need is time.

Dungeoneering is as a "skill", but it is not an actual ability. It is dependent on the other four players' abilities. Jagex could raise solo dungeoneering from 350k exp/hr to make it more of a skill-skill. Post could have been a mess of scattered thoughts. My main point was this: If you take out the grind, you get much more enjoyment from the game.

To make it clear again, I'm saying that runescape does not have a great game ending, aside from personal accomplishment When you achieve the accomplishment, you lose the game, tbh.

These are valid concerns, particularly in relation to the elimination of large chunks of content and the need for large content goals. However, I would disagree with your quest point that it was the case once, but it isn't any more so that a player 70+ is able to complete all the quests. Because quests are the reason why I improve my skills, it is extremely important. I have observed a significant increase in the skill sets I require. The quest cape will need the 76th defense and constitution, mining, timbercutting and crafting, 77 strength, agility as well as power and attack, 80 magic, and 74smithing, theft and firemaking.

These quests are not upgradeable. They'll take around two times as long at the top than the 70-level requirements. Equally, these are all sequels to quests that I've been able to reach easily, with a lot of ease, at 70ish stats. This is why I believe runescape is making it more difficult for players to get into certain areas. It doesn't seem fair.

I'd prefer to see that skills like as dungeoneering need skill (and maybe a team, which I think is a powerful and interesting concept) and later see these principles applied in other areas. Agility would be far more enjoyable and  cheap RuneScape gold better-played when it was based on skill and something that can be played at high rate of xp.

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