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by on January 7, 2021


But this isn't taking  Animal Crossing New Horizons Items things out of context. This is a means to tie your hair, in order to keep it from your face. If a white person ties their hair in this style, they did it for the exact same purpose a black man did, so it is not misrepresenting the civilization, so that shouldn't be cultural appropriation. Unless you suggest black people shouldn't be allowed to wear certain sorts of hair braids because they come from Europe? I think that as long as it's not a cultural/religious ceremony necklace or something, anybody should be able to use it, as it's just another way of keeping hair from your face.

From what I could tell this post is specifically referring to an Afro ponytail. Hence the afro part is what's being appropriated. Again, I am not attempting to say her anger is right, just that her reaction is quite much shaped by her experience.

Yeah, I used to spend a lot of time bitching about how poisonous and awful the world wide web is. But the thing is, nobody is forcing you to follow or read anything online. On sites such as Reddit and Twitter, what you see is roughly 90% up for you. In other words, if the internet is poisonous and bad for you, you need to learn to perform some darn thinking for yourself instead of waiting for a few moderator or admin to come together and get your thinking for you. Un-follow/like/sub the things that are bringing you down and follow the things which you enjoy. It really is that easy.

I have been enjoying Reddit over ever before over the previous year or 2 because I unsubbed from all of the areas that spend all day bitching about power moderators and electricity users and admins etc.. It's all things I do not even detect without it being pushed in my head and overly exaggerated.

Can you recommend some fantastic people to follow Twitter? I think I have pruned Reddit to what I wish to be after several years, but I have no clue where to start for Twitter.There's a great deal of everything, everywhere. Just depends on what you follow along with what the neighborhood upvotes/likes. I remember hearing a prom at a top school in the  buy Animal Crossing Items country next to mine where they had a segregated prom, and it was the black pupils that voted for it. Crazy.

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