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by on November 16, 2021

Bolt tensioner is a bolt pre-tightening and disassembly tool. It is like a ring jack installed on bolts and nuts. With the help of hydraulic power provided by tensioner pumps, the bolts are stretched in the elastic deformation zone according to the allowable elasticity of the material to achieve the purpose of tightening or removing the bolts. The biggest advantage of the hydraulic bolt tensioner is that multiple bolts can be fastened and disassembled at the same time. The distribution force is even. It is a safe, efficient and fast tool, and it is the best way to fasten and disassemble bolts of various specifications.

Bolt Tensioner

The thread friction between the nut and the washer consumes more than 80% of the torque energy on the nut or bolt, leaving less than 20% of the energy to produce effective tension on the bolt shank.

This change in friction loss, from one bolt to another, causes uneven tension on the bolts, so a bolt tensioning tools has appeared to solve this problem.  

The bolt tensioner is generally composed of a hydraulic tensioner pump, a high-pressure hose, a pressure gauge and a stretching body. The hydraulic tensioner pump is the power source, the pressure gauge reflects the output pressure of the pump, and the high-pressure hose is connected to the hydraulic tensioner pump and the stretching body.

Bolt Tensioner

The hydraulic bolt tensioner is like a ring jack mounted on bolts and nuts. The jack pushes the bolt connection and pulls the end of the bolt. The diameter of the bolt must be at least one longer to accommodate the bolt tensioning tool.

Since the force generated by the jack directly acts on the end of the bolt, a tension equal to the load generated by the jack is generated in the bolt shank.

In the case of tension applied by the jack, the nut can be rotated with zero torque until it is tightened.    

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