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by on January 14, 2021

Afterward those  Animal Crossing Bells college kids graduated and began working for these associations (crazy, I know, that could've predicted that would happen?) And started dispersing their idiotic beliefs all over the area to the stage where today we've shit like that being totally forgettable.

It not quite mainstream yet, many average individuals don't have any idea that this is occurring, but that is the issue: it's definitely happening and ignoring it and stating"it's merely twitter" is only going to allow it to grow longer and more until it will become mainstream. By then it is going to not be possible to slow it down because any kind of argument against it's going to be met with accusations of racism/sexism/whatever because that is the entire point of identity politics.

Safe spaces are the dumbest fucking shit in the world, are you such a little bitch that can not handle being an adult that you need everything you do not like to be forced from a place for youpersonally? Grow up.

I do recall the nightly show in 2016 that had a correspondent I totally loathed. All sorts of smug. I remember there was a segment about trying to create black just dorms or apartments and the host pointed out how racist that has been (they were both black) and the way something like that was blatantly illegal.

She said she believed black people who have poor experiences should have a location where they could feel safe. That perhaps they had bad experiences with white folks and did not need to live together. She said something along the lines of"it does not need to be a written guideline. We are nice and if they depart we can only talk between ourselves and  buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells deny them their program" and I recall the guys response"No! That is what we used to do to us!"


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