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by on January 20, 2021

And to add on to that, they get all Mean Girls on you, should you talk to them a lot of. Like, I don't play to get Animal Crossing Items my feelings hurt, therefore I try not to speak to my villagers more than 1-2 times a day. _.

I love when people complain that the dialogue is repetitive and somebody always has to come out of the woodwork to say"don't worry I read online from some random person that this game actually has the most dialogue ever" like that's supposed to be helpful lol

They do include more dialogue post launch however. Dialogue has been inserted for every single event

This dialogue then has to be translated into a dozen languages. It's no small task

A good way to view unique conversation is to play at different times of the day. For example Snooty villagers have more Varied dialogue at midday.

I'm new to it, but I'm not really understanding the hype. The progression is so slow and it seems like the primary mechanisms are"collect these items, sell some, wait until you can collect more items." Am I missing something, or doing something incorrect? I have paid two loans off thus far, implanted my cash like 5 times. Just One tree has given me cash back however

First week kinda sucks if you aren't used this kind of game because they dripfeed mechanics and items. You then kinda locate your own fun.

There's no fix way to get more Should you plant greater than 10k you've got a 30 percent chance if getting this sum, otherwise it will default to 10k. The amount of bells buried does not impact the likelihood like it in sooner games

Example: Plant 20k You have a 30% probability of obtaining 60k in the tree or a 70% chance of getting 30k

Nogami speculated that New Horizon's lesser than anticipated youth demographic could be since New Horizons hasn't yet been accessible during crucial holiday periods.

"Since it hasn't been a year since it premiered, it has not been possible for most children to purchase it, but for now it's a game with a consumer group that's likely different from your expectations," he said.

Nogami speculated that buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items New Horizon's lesser than anticipated youth demographic could be because New Horizons hasn't yet been available during crucial holiday periods.


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