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by on November 25, 2021

Wisdom teeth generally grow between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five in a person. Generally, impacted teeth are the root cause of the occurrence of several types of complications. 


Impacted wisdom teeth:


Impacted wisdom teeth are the last teeth at the backside of the mouth that don’t find enough room or space to grow normally. Therefore, wisdom teeth become impacted when they don’t have the required space to develop properly. Generally, people have four wisdom teeth at the back of their mouth i.e two on the top, two on the bottom. They can result in wisdom tooth pain, damage to the other teeth, and other dental problems. 


Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to several complications if the problem is unsolved for a long time. People may experience injuries in their mouth along with other dental concerns. 

In such cases, visit the Emergency Dentist Near Me.


Symptoms of damaged or infected developing wisdom teeth:


To begin with, damaged or infected wisdom teeth give rise to swollen and red gums. In addition, they may end up bleeding or tender. You might experience jaw pain that might also be swollen. Often, these symptoms will be felt or observed when the teeth are damaged. These signs will be manifest in the region after your last molars. 


In the case of infections, you will experience bad breath with an obnoxious flavor in your mouth. At extremes, it will be difficult to open your mouth. Even so, some of these signs are common to both damage and infections. Note that you may experience other symptoms like fever and headache.


Causes of impacted wisdom teeth:


  • Impacted wisdom teeth Epping is caused by a number of factors. Often, they are a result of insufficient space at the back of your mouth to allow them to erupt normally. It is possible to have partially impacted wisdom teeth where the crown will be visible. They may also be fully impacted in which case the teeth completely fail to grow through your gums. 


  • In either case, the teeth may develop towards your second molars or the back of your mouth. Alternatively, they might lie down within your jawbone or remain trapped in it after growing normally. When any of these possibilities happen, you might face the following “complications”;


  • First, you might develop cysts that can totally damage your teeth, nerves, and jawbone. This occurs when the tooth grows in a sac in your jawbone. The sac fills with fluid and it could develop into a noncancerous tumor. Hence, the affected tissues and bones will have to be surgically removed.


  • Partially impacted teeth expose you to the risk of nursing dental caries. This is tied to the reality that wisdom teeth are tougher to clean than other teeth. Hence, the partial emergence traps more food that cannot be easily removed leading to decay.


  • The complexity in cleaning partially impacted wisdom teeth Epping heightens the risk of ending up with gum disease. In more cases, you will develop painful and inflammatory gum disease rather than painless conditions.

Such complications require immediate wisdom teeth removal before it causes more serious health concerns. Above all, you are likely to damage the rest of your teeth. This happens when the teeth push the second molars inwards as they develop. All these conditions can only be treated by the safe removal of the wisdom tooth!



Article Source : https://dentist-offices-in-houston.weebly.com/blog/what-are-the-possible-complications-of-impacted-wisdom-teeth

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