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by on February 4, 2021

Southwest Airlines is a US major airline which offers flights at low fares on certain days and time. Passengers traveling in the airline get the opportunity to buy flight tickets at the flash sale while online flight booking. You can also earn rapid rewards or points on each reservation and view the exciting deals and special coupons on their mobile app/website.  

This is the best time to make Southwest Airlines reservations because during winters the airline has its annual winter fare sale, passengers can buy tickets as low as $49 one way and save a lot of money on online flight bookings. Generally, the sale happens for three days and each year they surprise their customers with their mega sale on Tuesday. The sale runs from Tuesday to Thursday so, book your tickets accordingly. Between November and February, travelers can find fares as low as $49, $79,$99 and $129 depending on the trip’s travel class.

Flight fare for different routes

  • At $49, you can go to Baltimore-Providence, Phoenix-Las Vegas, Chicago-Detroit, Las Vegas-San Diego and Nashville-Atlanta.

  • At $59, you can go to Burbank and San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale and  Jacksonville, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 

  • At $79, you can travel around Atlanta-Dallas, New York LaGuardia- Baltimore.

  • At $99, you can go to New Orleans-Baltimore.

  • At $129, travelers can travel to Chicago-Phoenix and Los Angeles-St. Louis.

Travelers can even use the airline’s low-fare calendar to locate the cheapest flight tickets available on their official mobile application and website. 

Some of the discounted fare flight deals on Southwest Airlines -

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • San Diego 

  • Cancun, Mexico (travelers can travel to Mexico at just $183 one way from Atlanta or $166 from Houston)

  • Puerto Vallarta, México

  • Houston, Texas

Travelers might be curious to know the best day to buy flight tickets at a discounted fare. However, there is no fixed and permanent day and time to make reservations. But Tuesday is considered comparatively great to purchase tickets at the lowest price around 3:00 pm. At this time, the airline matches ticket fares with other airlines. In case you want to travel to domestic routes, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are considered the best days to avail the discount and earn special offers on online Southwest Airlines booking. You can check the airline’s official website https://www.southwest.com  for more details related to flight bookings. 

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