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by on February 6, 2021

You are doing better than me. I'm 0-5 and  MLB The Show 21 Stubs just made it to the closing once.I'd like to add one item. If they are going to have you receive a definite number of hits, it would be nice if the pitcher you're facing does not throw 8 directly balls.Agreed! So annoying when you get literally NOTHING to strike andn the match requires strikes.

While I dont find showdown hard (80% success rate approximately ) I will say this, losing into a miniboss=losing the entire showdown run is B.S. a far more fitting and less discouraging punishment could be losing all of your runs for the last boss. Meaning you'd 3 runs prior to the mini boss but misplaced it? Down to zero. Its a fitting punishment which you can recover from in the final few assignments prior to the last boss.

That is kinda brilliant actually. I'm pretty decent at showdowns, having the ability to consistently grind point 2 ones and having beaten all the inning ones, but I really struggle with all the divisional ones. I absolutely hate how I shed my entire run if I fuck up a miniboss that's absolutely harder than the last boss.

1st inning showdown was very ambitious. I haven't actually even tried any of  cheap MLB 21 the show stubs the branch ones because MTO is easy enough, enjoyable for me, and can get pretty much all of point 1 finish on veteran. 2nd inning was not too bad. IMO the 3rd inning and League showdowns are rather simple so if you're trying hard to win try one of these.

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