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by on February 18, 2021

So not looking at the screen and  RS gold doing your homework while fleshies are agg... isn't AFKing... unless it exceeds 5 mins. If you're in your computer, it's ok. If you move off to do homework, it is not. It doesn't even matter. To be frankly honest, considering they DO autolog you even if you're in battle at say, bandits, giant spiders and all the other AFK'able training areas, I do not think anyone has gotten banned - and it wouldn't even be bannable, I would presume - from AFK'ing.

It is not like Jagex has a movie camera of you while you are playing. However, yeah, if you move away then yes you are AFK but surfing youtube while fishing, or doing homework while fishing is alright. Thanks! This is the type of response I was searching for. What I have heard:If I am still there, it is alright. If I leave for a minute to the bath or something, it is alright.

If I depart forever, it is not alright. It is okay as you won't get banned, but it's still technically bannable. But, considering how hard it is to prove - I'm pretty sure Jagex doesn't know whether you're browsing forums or whatever - it does not matter. If I'm on the pc, it's still alright? Everything is okay. You won't get banned for AFK training. The whole concept is ridiculous to me. They basically are only trying to induce you to be on Runescape as much as possible. You are not using a bot if you AFK train, so what's the big thing.

There is little that can't be achieved with  buy OSRS gold a few tricky funds and a solid set of tools, and with this base in mind we've introduced several much-requested usability improvements in the Currency Pouch and Tool Belt. In the bottom of the mini-map interface, you'll notice a small icon depicting a pile of coins. From today on, coins can be put here rather than on your inventory, if you would prefer. You can right-click coins to include them to the money pouch from your stock. Bear in mind that coins are safe from being lost on departure unless they're in your inventory when you die in the Wilderness.


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