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by on March 2, 2021

Thinking logically, fire and earth are pretty opposite, therefore Dragons and Dwarves will be battling (i.e the simple fact that Dwarves disturb sleeping dragons in caves or summat). Elves, I don't know much about, but imagine peaceful creatures. So they're opposite humans, who are combatants. Thats it so far, I might need about 15 more races, and much more bonus thoughts.

Hay my name is jake and I recently got level 99 structure. While working my way to level 99 construction I was struck by a barrage of thoughts which would improve the building skill. Construction Ideas: You are able to kick single players out of the house. The reason for this is when I choose to get a wonderful house party and I need everyone to appreciate my home and the match. Unfortunately some people just can not act. Most of us understand what I mean about it. Individuals that are impolite, and individuals who decide to use bug abuse and block the dungeon doors below so players are suck the cage. This compels me to kick all payers from the house and then refresh the house by re-entering. This is quite annoying.

Stairs can lead upstairs and downstairs. E.g. 3 stairs in a row. One at dungeon one above on 1st floor afterward one on second floor. (Not only 1 way down or up.) You are able to delete the costume room while having items stored init. You do not have to destroy items on by one. If you do then rebuilt the costume room they reappear if they're saved at dingo which is quite pointless. Items that cannot be stored then there should be a warning message which they will be delivered to the lender. I also noticed that bug reports never show up in the sent box. Maybe update this so it dose. This would be quite helpful.

To make it a challenge for macroers, this maze isnt exactly the same every time, making programs to conquer this random possibly more difficult to make. While Woodcutting, Fishing, or Mining, you may observe a black ghost appear and it'll suck you into ScapeRune. You will arrive at the start of the maze. Mr.Maze will appear and speak to you. MM:I want you to chase down that Ghastly Ghost! He escaped out of my haunted mansion and into this maze! He was the primary attraction for the haunted house of terror and haunt-ness, and now I dont have him!

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