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by on March 2, 2021


The major worry I have with Felipe is the output of  MLB The Show 21 Stubs investing in him. As there's a better POTM edition of him available at an affordable price on the ticket counter, I'm not sure how expensive his card would be if he went diamond. As for me, I would not think it goes over around 10,000 stubs, and even that's a little bit generous. Additionally, there have been a few instances in the past where POTM chooses had their LS updates slightly delayed, so while I'd think that Felipe would possibly go diamond if he keeps this pace, I am not very confident enough to list him at the updates column.

First off, this card is a fantastic budget reliever who I used until just yesterday as my seventh reliever. His BABIP against is a very modest.227 along with his FIP sits at 3.22, so he has gotten a little lucky in the ERA section, but is getting an excellent season nonetheless. He also struck out 11, and opponents only batted.118 from him. However, his HR/9 is also in a livelihood, and he is walking batters in a higher rate than the past two seasons.

Wilson's H/9 is the region which has to be updated most. His H/9 this year is.6 over Dellin Betances (99 H/9 stat),.9 under Roberto Osuna (88 H/9 stat), 1.3 under Wade Davis (89 H/9 stat), plus a whopping 3 under Cody Allen (91 H/9 stat). Wilson's H/9 now sits at 72, and even taking into consideration his low BABIP against if make it possible for this stat to reach to the 80's. Wilson's present HR/9 stat is at 73, so this likely deserves a downgrade into the high/mid 60's. Lastly, his BB/9 ranks 108th one of the 162 qualified relievers, which isn't very great. He's got the exact same BB/9 because his new Cubs teammate Pedro Strop, yet Strop has a BB/9 rating of 45 while Wilson's reaches 67. Wilson's BB/9 stat likely deserves to be moved to closer to 60 now, so all in all it is hard to tell whether Wilson will gold. Additionally, it appears to be much harder for non-closers to go gold, so his new move to reliever may help it become more difficult.

I purchased thirteen Knebel's earlier now for 111 stubs. Now he is over 300. Luckily, my complete Knebel count is 375+ so here's hoping for  Stubs mlb the show 21 an update next week. He simply locked down another rescue tonight with 3 strikeouts which should help.

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