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by on March 17, 2021


Oh god, less  Animal Crossing Bells than a week ahead of the George Floyd protests broke out, there was in my town a horrible incident in which a handicapped woman was left to die in a horrific, tortuous manner - so awful that even the most bland and emotionally impartial description of the events bothered me to the remainder of the day. It raised a nationwide problem to make sure other disabled people under attention weren't being treated this way, and that I as a disabled girl myself felt extremely strongly about it and wanted to do anything I could to help out.

And George Floyd died, in addition horrendous conditions, and that was the sole thing anybody was permitted to take care of. My fandom spaces that I turned to for unwinding from RL activism were flooded with images of violence (much of it also against disabled people, but this was very rarely acknowleged) and tweets basically claiming that if I didn't retweet these and call myself awful items I was a horrible man who would also be killing these (again, lots of disabled) people as well.

I burnt out immediately and spent weeks feeling like a terrible person because of all of it. I never got to do anything to help out in my home city at all.American activists pushing their point of view into the world and then decry -imperialism/racism/colonialism/etc- if the planet as complicated as it is, doesn't fit into their narrow view of"right", name a iconic duo.This stuff is very US-centric. Other places do not have such powerful political notions of cultural appropriation, or the idea that you can do something  cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items profoundly racist without meaning to.

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