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by on January 14, 2022

The next content phase of the WoW TBC Classic is scheduled to begin later this month, in addition to the start of the third phase of the PvP season on January 18. In the new season, there will be some major changes to the PvP content in TBC Classic, especially when it comes to Arena matches.

In Season 2, Blizzard analyzed queuing data and found that queuing times seemed to be longer than they expected to see. To address the lengthy queue times for full discovery at TBC Classic's last PvP season, Blizzard is expanding the search for match opponents. In the future, players will be able to face more players while queuing to play, making the matchmaking process faster.

Additionally, Blizzard explained: "teams with similar ratings who queue at the same will be prioritized to match against each other."

A few items will be changed in the PvP scenario of season three, with  WOW TBC Gold one item being nerfed, while the other five items are banned in Arena matches. For the upcoming season, the Mage-only Trinket Mind Quickening Gem has been significantly nerfed, dropping from 330 Haste to 100 Haste.

And you won't be able to equip the Nigh-Invulnerability Belt, Dazzling Longsword, Silent Fang, the Skull of Impending Doom, and the Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector in Season 3 Arena matches. Because each of these five items contains a significant hit or use effect, Blizzard believes  WOW Classic TBC Gold this should be removed in intense PvP.

WoW TBC Classic Season 3 is coming. Are players ready? Some items will be disabled in the new season, so you may need to buy more alternative items, and it is inevitable to prepare a lot of TBC Classic Gold. MMOWTS is a professional website that sells TBC Classic Gold at a low price, and a large number of WOW TBC Classic players will choose them. Go to them if you have any TBC Classic Gold needs.

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