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by on January 14, 2022

Another method of advancing your character is to use On-time Rewards. Tools and other items needed to Lineage 2M Diamonds help develop your character are tossed out with notifications set at a particular time every day. To be eligible for these rewards, you need to look for them on the "Mail" tab, but they're time-sensitive and if you don't check your mail on time, the rewards will expire.

The additional support needed to advance your character will be provided through an updated Pass System at the game's global launch. Users can make use of 'AdenPass', with which they can complete their tasks and receive rewards. There is also a 'Beginner'sPass', with which they have the opportunity to play through and complete core quests , and earn an Epic-grade skills book.

Lineage2M's game-related content has been created to help players gain experience through consistent gameplay. It is possible to do this in three different ways you can take advantage of this philosophy:

Class Path: The process of acquiring "Class" is mostly attained by using Class Cards. However, because of this "path" system, players can move up into higher ranks of their chosen class after the desired level is reached, which means if you practice consistently, you're guaranteed to accumulate cards and level-up.

Codex: Items acquired during gaming may appear unnecessary initially, but that's only before you get to Lineage 2 Mobile Diamonds become aware of the Codex system This system allows players to upgrade their level using items they acquire while playing. 

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