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by on April 6, 2021

You might have  RuneScape 2107 gold followed us this way, but your trail ends here! The Mage of Zamorak and Taurus will teleport away, leaving you to battle four level 103 vampires (it'll be multi-combat). One of the vampires, however, will throw blood hurry on youpersonally, but will not heal himself, but instead the vampire with the maximum damage taken. Slay each the vampires.

It seems as if this ones energy was drained! Azzanadra will then appear. Indeed it's, *Your name. * These wretched Zamorakian's search for my master's power, but this must stop! Right, I'll do that . Come back to my pyramid with all haste, so that I may teach you how you can sanctify the shrines once more. (Conversation ends)

Now continue the last shrine, the Shrine of Rage. Shrine of Rage. After you finish reading the Shrine of Rage scroll, then you'll get this message:'I believe I should go to Lassar, and then travel west from there.'

Proceed to Ice Mountain and travel west. Proceed it down. There will be, yet again, a circular room with an altar in the center, with the change glowing a purple haze.

That really doesn't matter! Finish him off! The Mage of Zamorak will have his staff pointed at the altar and purple power will be coming from it. Today you will have a time limitation. If you can kill Taurus within that time limit, you can go until the Mage of Zamorak and attack him, and he can't fight back. Following five minutes is up and Taurus is still not  buy RuneScape gold dead, the Mage of Zamorak will chip and cast Flame of Zamorak on you (even if Taurus is assaulting you!) Kill them both. Azzandra will once again send you a message.

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