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by on April 12, 2021


Oilers ahead Connor McDavid can do everything on the ice. Not only can the former Hart Trophy winner rating goals, but he could also break down opposing defenses and find teammates with comparative ease, even with  Hut 21 Coins the smallest window. In NHL 21, you should be able to capture some of McDavid's real life magic virtually in Hockey Ultimate Team. McDavid is somewhat weak in the faceoff dot, though, because he only has a 70 Faceoffs rating. That number can be increased, though, if you can trigger either the Magician synergy (McDavid's player synergy) or the Heart & Soul team synergy.

Three-time Stanley Cup champion Sidney Crosby can still be a game-breaking gift in the NHL, 15 years after his arrival to the league. So it is no surprise he's tied with McDavid for first in total rating among centermen. While Crosby's skating characteristics are not as eye-popping as the ones Connor McDavid owns, Crosby's Rate (85) and Acceleration (85) are all fine. Crosby's foundation card is also amazingly well balanced, as this 87 OVR thing also has strong shooting, checking, and hands attributes.

If you're looking for some goal-scoring, 2020 Hart Trophy winner Leon Draisaitl is somebody you want to consider. While Draisaitl doesn't have the sexy skating characteristics (83 Speed, 82 Acceleration) that additional facilities have, what the Oilers forward possesses is great shooting attributes. Combine those numbers with solid physical and passing attributes, and Draisaitl may be a valuable piece for your own team.

Malkin has a slightly higher Speed (85) attribute and  NHL 21 Coins Xbox1 better hands and shooting ratings. Yes, Malkin isn't the most effective defensive centerman, nor is he's a physical player. But, Malkin must slot in well as a #2 or a #3 centerman, even when updated cards that have higher overalls are released.


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