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by on April 22, 2021

With ancient magic the maximum hit with magical is 30 using the level 94 Ice Barrage spell. This spell splashes very often even when wearing the best equipment, and OSRS gold is extremely expensive and moderately slow. On the flip side, it may hit multiple targets; around nine at one time. That is great and all, but it's terrible with a one-on-one fight. So terrible, actually, that mage stakers (such as myself) use ice blitz over barrage since it strikes more often.

Modern magical, on the other hand, can hit around 30 with one of those god charms (Flames of Zamorak, Claws of Guthix and Saradomin Strike) in 80 magical (must cast Charge first and be sporting a suitable cape). Their regular maximum hit is 20. They cannot auto-cast, and the staffs have terrible magic strike bonuses. But if your magic is 80 and not very 82, the god spells may be useful. If you invest tens of countless magic equipment, you might have a magical attack bonus which nears +140 (mage's book, master wand, 3a mage helm, 3a amulet, infinity boots, Barrows gloves, and Seers' Ring, god cape, along with Ahrim's top and underside robe). This is much lower considering that melee armor has excellent ranged defense and triumphed has amazing magic protection.

The best magical weapon in the sport, the master wand, has a +20 magical attack bonus. It can auto-cast modern magic only. It is not very fast at all; in actuality, none of the magic weapons are, they don't even have particular attacks! Mind you, these weapons only effect a mage's likelihood of hitting. They don't impact your maximum hit at all. Many magicians only use the ancient staff for cheap RuneScape gold combating anyways; it's the sole staff to auto-cast ancients.

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