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by on April 29, 2021

I agree with the vast bulk of NBA 2K MT the things in your list and I think most people here could. Here is the problem: 95 percent of those things you listed 2k does on purpose and will never fix. It's been proven time and time again they would rather have game that nets than a great one might. A lot of your suggestions will immediately result in less money (pack chances etc), and many would. A good deal of the things which are gameplay"errors" are intentional. 2k does their homework and they understand that people that are angry are more inclined to give them more money so that they get a leg up.

Talking about NBA 2K21's current-gen gameplay

For example they understand custom courts/jerseys are debatable but they want you to say"that's bullshit I just lost because I couldn't tell the difference between the gamers and the court. I need a better group so I can slap on the cheesers who do so." Then packs are bought by that individual. As a man who owns every city, classic and announcement uni that I really like the idea of more courts. From the classic uni segment raptors and warriors are white but are away unis although the needs to be fixed. I would love a classic raptors uni and current raptors court to Buy 2K MT trigger a throwback court. More stuff like this would be so ill! Anyhow nice list.

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