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by on May 12, 2021

Prizes: luitenant robe: Awarded for RS gold the very first battle you win. Luitenant leathersame as above. To get 50 points, you can find a lesser demon dragon for everybody, this group can use magic and melee at the exact same class. It is dragonfire hurts a lot cannot be updated

Just what it sounds like. You can equip them on demonic people. For 200 tokens, p2p can get a larger dragon, it is just like the lesser cousin. A demonic individual that can move faster. Same upgrades. For 30 tokens, you can get a level 45 individual spider, can only use range, cannot be upgraded.

Lesser Vampiric dagger: for f2p, you can get this dagger with a speical that may drain 5 hp and provide it to yourself. Same stats as rune dagger plus 10 magic and automobile throw skills. 100 tokens. When it is about to drain, it will turn red. When it is not ready it'll be black with a red vein running

For f2p like the lesser variant, it also can not drain but may perform a double attack. Can perform up to 9 damamge and can do 7 damage double. 100 tokens. Basicly the same, however it drains 10 hp and does the same damage as a rune 2h 200 tokens. This weapon can summon a level three imp to battle together with you in multi cobat areas. Otherwise it will just follow you. You control him like any additional paddle. Can do damage and is for f2p. 150 tokens. Much like the above except it is a level 20 demonic individual, for p2p only. 200 tokens. More to buy OSRS gold come later...

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