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by on June 4, 2021

Bringing Back The Wildy. I bet you are saying"Blagh impossible old wildy or RuneScape Mobile gold nothing! Nothing can replace the older wildy!" Well read on and you too will jump aboard the new wildy train! Heres my idea:

Wildy Tokens! Fundamentally this works on a lucky dip principal. Now what happens is that, whenever a player is killed in the wilderness by a different player that deceased players item are moved to a chest. The player which murdered another participant is rewarded 1 Wilderness Token for every 10k of worth from the defeated players items that were lost.

The player then goes to this chest and utilizes his tokens, now here is the exciting yet innovative part: Every time that the chest is opened one token is removed and a random item that was lost is given to the participant.

This system allows the player to have a profitable pk experiance, exciting new rewards, no possible approach to actual world trade and also makes sure that noone tries to spam the chest with bad items as they won't be rewarded and buy OSRS gold have no incentive to do so. This also allows players to get roughly what they'd of got from the defeated players while still keeping a reasonable system where everyone has an even chance of getting something great.

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