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by on June 5, 2021

Combat Is Quite like PSO2's current combat system, right down to the weapons, Photon Arts and Photon Blasts. It is only faster, more portable and smoother. There are no more Perfect Attacks; rather, it's more like modern action games with combos and counterattacks. Dodging and obstructing is more fluid for all classes too. Certain classes may see a difference in play. There's no more attacking in the air indefinitely Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta, therefore expect to be on the ground more dodging and countering. Attacks and PAs are set up the same manner they're now using certain buttons performing specific attacks or the 1-2-3 system. As far as PB's go, because Mag's will not be part of gameplay anymore, they act more like Complex Photon Arts, which were introduced in Japan's PSO2 with Episode 6. As opposed to summoning a monster, PB's will instead be a huge attack dealing serious harm that needs to be recharged through battle.

Of those three classes they revealed, Force had a few of the greatest changes. They now have a block much like Hunters in addition to their dodge, which can be a much-needed addition as they can be fragile and slowed down by Technique charging. Techniques have also gotten better because they no longer need to be billed to use. They now have an uncharged attack which, while not as powerful as the billed variant, still does some good damage.

Another great change is that curing items may be used on the fly. No more getting stuck in a drink cartoon trying to heal only to be promptly smacked and lose all of it without a thing you can do about it. Healing will occur instantaneously in NG while you do more important things, such as dodging. All in all, the combat is getting a much-needed update while still feeling perfectly familiar.

In Episode 5, after the assistance of these on Earth, players discover a mysterious portal that leads to another dimension, called"Omega." This world seems driven purely by dream, a world of swords and magic rather than technology and science buy meseta pso2. The two worlds are in direct contrast with each other, and as the story progresses, players will frequently go between them while observing the odd similarities these worlds share. Simultaneously, a mysterious girl who calls herself"Alma" seems, and she appears to get advice about Omega and--strangely--roughly ARKS.

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