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by on June 9, 2021

To decrease the spam, an option in the bottom of OSRS gold the display lets you place your mail reception to'"Off", meaning you can not recieve mail/packages,"Friends", and"On". If there is anything which you think should be changed, please say so.

Begin pursuit by visiting new city, sacrestis. Its filled with cows along with your usaul npcs (guys +girl etc.) if you got to the town hall you can meet the twon old fashioned, Elder. After you talk with him you are able to talk to the town champoin Ivan. He is equiped in ful mith minus the defense. He tells you that it's not all that it look here. THen a cutscene will follow when a giant tremor looks from the ground along with a flowing river of demons emerge. Everyone in the city is elimenated/murderd. Elder will let you know to give him silverlight. And he will run out. Ivan will tell you that the gods are mad and that you two have to construct a plane summoner to learn why. Firt you have to get an ents soul. To get this you will need to go to centaur valley. After you arrive you wil see an army of tree sprirts defending the grand ent. They'll attempt to kill you and you need to fight through shrub sprits (70) for to the grand ent.

Alternativly you may kill 100 spirts and a few loggers will appear and ohko that the sprits, givng you some cover while chopping the ent will beg for his life continue contiuning and he will full, getting you ents spirt. Return to ivan and that he wil use the soul to construct a wooden fence around the remainds of the town. Next you have to produce a omega rune. Proceed into wizards tower to buy RuneScape Mobile gold sedridor and he'll inform you to make the omega rune you require 20k each basic elemental runes. Then he directs you into the nautical workshop.

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