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Jyoti Kaur
by on May 9, 2022

I am Jyoti Kaur, a beautiful and mature housewife working as a very popular College Girls Escort in Delhi. I am loved by my clients because of my ability to bring satisfaction to their desires. They find me full of energy and always ready for a lovemaking session. It is not that I behave in this manner out of my sense of duty. I have an active libido and I enjoy lovemaking and all kinds of adult games.

I believe that one should enjoy these simple pleasures of life if they are there for the taking. Despite being an escort and indulging in sex with clients so frequently, there are many sexual acts that I have not been able to experience to date. 

It has been my fantasy ever since I was a teenager to indulge in a threesome whether it involves two men or two women. So far, I have been able to enjoy plain sex with men as my clients. The very thought of being touched and kissed by two different men at the same time in bed is so exciting and erotic that I cannot wait for the day when I am requested by a client to be a part of a threesome.

Having sex with two men at the same time is a fantasy that I want to realize very soon in the future. If I get a chance, I would also like to gang up with another Model Escorts in Delhi and join the party with a client. I would love to see how a man plays with the body parts of two women at the same time and how I compete with another woman to win over the client. 

All Celebrity Escorts in Delhi have their likes and dislikes and they also want to try out different sex positions with their clients. But one act that makes me excited is the thought of eating up the tool of my clients after wrapping it with chocolate or an ice cream. It is my fantasy as a Delhi escort to turn the erect tool of a client into a choco bar and then hold it in my hand and suck and lick it to give him maximum enjoyment.

I would like to have the same fun myself as my client drops honey on my tits and pussy and then uses her tongue to lick it away. Many men try to lick my rim which is a pleasant sensation in itself. However, I would love to have my anus wrapped in honey or chocolate before a man cleans it up using his tongue. 

Most of my clients take me to expensive hotel rooms with attached bathrooms. I would love to have a wonderful session of lovemaking under the shower and also in the bathtub with my clients. As an escort in Delhi, this is one fantasy that I hope will be fulfilled in near future. 

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