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by on July 3, 2021

To obtain Desert Mist, you must head in OSRS gold the desert, north of the Shantay Pass. Look about on the minimap for a"!" Dungeon Symbol, that will be in the form of a rope ladder leading into a hole. CLimb down the ladder and you'll find yourself with Desert Titans (Level 114), so be ready. When you reach the end of the chasm, there ought to be a Misty Pool, utilize another vial together with the pool to obtain Desert Mist.

- To obtain the Magma Vein, you have to ask around Tzhaar until a random NPC will reveal where to locate it. They'll say that the Magma Vein is found only in the deepest sanctum of Tzhaar. Find among those Guard Tzhaars and talk to them. Mention the Magma Vein and they will allow you in... under one state.

They want a flavor of Karamjan Rum. Head outside the volcano and go to the bartender at Karamja and purchase one Karamjan Rum. Attempt to go indoors Tzhaar, but the rum will burst, doing a little bit of damage. Return tot he bartender and ask him about the ingredients in the rum. He'll mention it will explode when exposed to extreme heat. Ask him what would someone to perform if they"for a reason" desired to bring the rum to the volcano.

He'll state that you have to"ice" the rum down, so that it won't explode in heat. Visit the icefiends on Ice Mountain, and kill you with the rum in your stock. The rum should be chilled and prepared to bring in the volcano. Bring the rum into buy RS gold the guard and he'll let you into the inner sanctum of Tzhaar. You'll find that a Magma Rock, which you should mine to acquire the vein.

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