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harry david
by on May 19, 2022

In Australian universities, law students are often assigned assignments and academic homework. Students can also take Law Assignment Help to complete their assignments with perfection and to clear their concepts. By comprehending the different types of essential laws in Australia, law students can finish their writing tasks with precision.

Here are a few important Australian laws that a law student must know-

Administrative law

Administrative law is all about dealing with or challenging a decision of an Australian government official, concerning the state, federal governments, and departments or authorities. This sort of law is also applicable if the person whose decision or action you want to challenge is exercising public power but not a government official. One needs to hire an administrative lawyer to look into such cases.

  • The administrative law of Australia ensures that federal governments are subject to accountability
  • It helps to review, do investigations and perform internal agency practices.


Civil rights law

In Australia, it is illegal to discriminate against people based on disability, intersex status, race, sex gender identity, education, and employment.  There are many other protected attributes of people in certain areas of public life.

Civil rights law in Australia mainly aims at balancing the competing interests of the citizen. There are many rights of people that are protected from discrimination in Australia. These include freedom of religion, universal voting rights, and freedom of association. In short, this law safeguards the rights of employment, expression, education, and many other entitlements.

  • All those practices that infringe on the liberties and rights of the people are included under this law.
  • In such sort of practice, lawyers can undertake those cases that are related to discrimination, racism, and unfair practices.


Criminal law

Criminal law in Australia is the law body that relates to crime. Criminal law mainly focuses on common laws related to certain actions which are punishable by the state. These include offenses and crimes against the person and property offenses. But, criminal law is different from civil law.

Controlled by state governments, Criminal law is an area where lawyers are able to specialize. To become a criminal lawyer, one needs to have advanced knowledge and skills related to criminal offenses.

  • Criminal law is administered by individual jurisdictions under the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • It covers all aspects of crime and criminal justice

Under this law, all the crimes, corrections, criminology, victims juvenile justice, crime prevention, law enforcement, and police are covered.


Family law

With families across the country, some feuds and issues need to be resolved. Under Australian family law, there’s the cover for a lot of practices that include such as family violence, divorce, child custody, domestic violence, surrogacy, and many more things. Family law also covers the issues related to property and financial settlements, spousal maintenance, and adoption.

With this family law in Australia, children have a right to be protected from harm and to enjoy a good relationship with both their parents.

  • Some aspects of family law practices are legitimacy, child abuse, civil unions, and marriages
  • Australia’s family law focuses on legal relations between the family of the individual.
  • A family lawyer also manages the problems related to property, superannuation, equity/trusts, and tax.

Many matters that come under the family law are heard in either the Family Court or Federal Court.

Environmental Law

Environmental law in Australia provides a legal framework that is focused to protect and manage natural resource management. This sort of law concerns regulations, treaties, and conventions. Environmental lawyers focus on cases that are nationally and internationally important.

Right from flora to fauna and ecological communities to heritage places, all these which have national environmental significance are protected from this law.

  • Public health components are crucial under the practice of environmental law.
  • Any disputes of land or practices of pollution are considered under this law.


Consumer Rights

The Australian Consumer Law is a national law that is framed to protect the rights and interests of consumers. This law applies nationally across all states and territories of Australia and to all Australian businesses.

  • This law focuses on the rights of individuals that are associated with the warranties, repairs, and refunds of goods and services
  • Australian consumer law focuses on the unfair trade practices and unfair terms in consumer contracts.

To wrap up

Students who’re studying law as majors in Australian universities must be aware of these types of laws to complete their assignments and writing tasks. Students can also take Assignment Help Australia to finish their assignments right on time and secure good grades.


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