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by on July 13, 2021


Medium ships have two lower decks, while the larger ship has RS gold up to 3 lower decks. It is possible to employ the crew you desire. These crew members are like employees in construction, however, they have different responsibilities. They will require an engineer and cook. To help your crew, you must pay them cash and give them quarters for sleeping in crew quarters. Now you can store drinks, food, and alchohal before you head out to sea. There is no way to engage other vessels while you're at sea, but you may be stopped by a police ship and checked.

To ensure you don't smuggle weapons or people on board, they'll be allowed to be allowed to board your boat. You can also have passengers who will pay a fare up to 10k , depending on the size of your vessel. You can land at any port in runescape. BTW You CANNOT Summon Familiars or anything else. Pets are not allowed on any other person's or your boat. When you get off of your vessel and don't to it for a few days then the vessel and crew will just stay in the port. Nobody can board your ship, your crew can't leave, unless you fire them or you don't pay them or they don't like the conditions on the vessel - not enough food, or too small sleeping quarters etc.

The mini-game is now in the works. I'm still not deciding on a name for the mini-game, so I'll be looking at some ideas. This is a very dangerous mini-game. It is NOT a MULTI-COMBAT AREAS! Example: You're traveling with three ships. You come across a single armoured ship. It can only be engaged by one of your ships. It will be impossible for other ships to engage it, board it , or engage it in any way.

Your crew, you and your boat could end up in the sea. What happens when you travel the ocean looking for ships that you can kill. You will have a variety of weapons, including bows and arrows, as well as a dwarf cannon mage, catapult, and catapult. Others can join your vessel to help you. You cannot teleport out. When you see another ship you can engage it. If you sink it, you may have your crew go in search of its treasures. Imager36 raised a valid point about boarding enemies ships. If there are other members of your crew and players on your vessel, then you are able to board the enemy ship. This could require you to be agile, depending on the location.

You can board the deck by simply crossing a plank which will give 10 Agility. A rope can be used to board 40 Agility. You can also get beneath decks and utilize a rope for climbing through a cannon area. This will grant you 70 Agility. Also, you could die if you board an enemy ship. You can now Melee the other players on an enemy ship.

It is possible to kill all players on the Enimies ship. NPCs cannot be attacked. The stern of each boat has a forfeit button. This lets the boat and its crew to be returned to the mainland, along with their belongings. The  buy OSRS gold loot is a combination of items on the boat and things players take when they lose their lives.

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