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sophia smith
by on July 19, 2021

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a disorder for men of all ages; it is capable of taking down a man's confidence and crushes the feeling of being young and sexy. But how can we overcome these threats of Erectile Dysfunction? Are there any ways to survive or even win this disorder? Or should you just get your mojo repaired?

There are so many different prescription drugs like Fildena 200, Fildena xxx, that are available to treat Erectile Dysfunction, some people use natural herbs to save money. Some herbal plants such Tongkat Ali contain a little or even without side effects but is wickedly effective. But other herbs such as Yohimbe can cause some serious side effects and other problems.

There are also treatments like Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), TRT is one of the effective ways on getting your libido back and it that's what's good, but the confidence might go down because the common side effect of TRT is Testicular Atrophy or the shrinkage of testicles, that's so nasty right?. Serious problems like this should not be ignored because the goal on taking this therapy is to cure Erectile Dysfunction while also treating the psychological effects that ED caused. Erectile Dysfunction can smash your confidence to the lowest level, and it's embarrassing to have sex with that shrunk mojo. So where's your manly confidence after having this treatment? Gone right? So thanks but no thanks TRT, it can't help on solving the problem.

Listed below are some of the herbal plants that can be used for Erectile Dysfunction:

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a herbal aphrodisiac which is used to increase sexual interest and improve sexual response. It can also increase the level of testosterone based on animal experiments on rats, monkey and rabbits.


Yohimbe naturally increases blood flow to the genitals and allowing sexual vitality. However, herbalists
does not recommended Yohimbe for people who want to treat erectile dysfunction because of its serious effects like seizures and renal failures. Cases of death are also been reported for some that is taking the herb on high doses.


Ginseng is popular in China as a traditional medicine. Ginseng root allows the body to adapt to the emotional and physical stress with less effect to libido, sleep patterns and mood. Early studies supports the use of Ginseng as a tonic for men. But further study is still needed to prove its true magic or effect.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali has been used for many years as a treatment for malaria, high fevers, high or low blood pressures etc... and is still on the field playing as the new generation aphrodisiac and a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Tongkat Ali is wickedly effective on increasing testosterone and improving sexual interest. Unlike other herbs that is listed on the upper part, Tongkat Ali can be used without thinking so much of the devastating side effects like Yohimbe have. Tongkat Ali comes with almost zero side effects.

Pitch the ball harder this time!

Energy and strength is important to achieve a successful life. Tongkat Ali as a testosterone booster that can give you an exploding energy that can help you on your daily tasks and work, with that it can help you on your everyday work out and exercise for a healthier lifestyle to a new youthful you.

Sexual Experience like no other!

Improved sexual performance, increased sex drive is not a problem with Tongkat Ali. With the Wonder herb it is a no sweat work. Less expensive at the same time you'll get the most wicked effectiveness! So start improving the sinking sex life, Tongkat Ali is the solution and the weapon to defeat Erectile Dysfunction. This herb is safe with virtually no side effects, it's out on the market and you can purchase it online without a prescription.            

The Main Two Myths Regarding Erectile Dysfunction

Many men encounter impotence or erectile dysfunction during their lives and every symptom is remembered with fear that it might return once again. Recent statistics coming from the medical institute in the United States there are approximately 34 million men of different ages on the American soil and over 160 million men across the world who suffers from erectile dysfunction. The primary cause of erectile dysfunction is considered by most specialists to be the psychological factors. Although new and exciting medical data revealed that erectile dysfunction in older men is not mainly caused by any psychological factors but by the physical ones. Cenforce 150 is one of the best medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.


It appears that the two coordinates combined cause E.D to last longer and to extend the first symptoms to a higher degree. In medical terms the definition for erectile dysfunction represents the inability of a man to achieve an erection or to maintain one long enough in order to sexually satisfy their partner. This particular lack of capacity induces in any man a state of insecurity and slowly creates a daily stressful pressure. E.D is also poorly promoted in order for people to have at their disposal viable end effective information. The lack of a well structured sexual education has caused the spread of many "sex myths" which leads many men to believe that they suffer from E.D. when they don't. You need to understand before we go through the primary sexual myths that E.D is not considered by doctors a disease but the early stage of impotence, as symptom. Kamagra 100 relaxes the smooth muscles and incrising blood flow that helps to solve your erectile dysfunction.


Myth #1. E.D is incurable
A staggering 67% of men in the United States believe that erectile dysfunction has no cure and that there is no medical treatment for it. Despite the fact that a part of this statement is true because E.D doesn't have a permanent medical cure the current remedies improve your sexual functions bringing them to normal after a prolonged usage. There are many natural treatments that showed impressive results with no side effects.

Myth #2. E.D comes when you age
Many men think that erectile dysfunction is caused by entering new stages of their life and progressively losing control of their penis. Although it is true that this sexual disorder happens more frequently in older men this automatically does not mean that it only occurs advanced ages because E.D has reported also in young and middle aged men. In older mainly the underlined causes like diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems can maintain this dysfunction in older men.

These two myths are the most popular and you need to read them in order to form an objective and correct opinion about E.D in order to treat it.


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