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alex jones
by on July 21, 2021

Petaling Jaya is a town to the west of Kuala Lumpur. It cited as a satellite tv for pc city to the capital town housing residential and industrial estates, and was once granted metropolis popularity on 20 June 2006.

History of Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya, as with most of the residential and industrial neighbourhoods surrounding Kuala Lumpur, was once developed out of rubber and palm oil plantations. In the case of Petaling Jaya, it used to be earmarked for improvement in the early 1950's. The place was once earlier than that a large plantation referred to as Effingham Estate.

The character who initiated the improvement of Petaling Jaya used to be the British High Commissioner at that time, Lieutenant-General Sir Gerald Templer. Best recognised for his position in placing down communist guerillas, Sir Templer had deliberate Petaling Jaya as a new city to distance the populace from the jungle, whereby stopping them from assisting the communist guerillas. In its earliest incarnation, Petaling Jaya used to be a "low-cost gated community" as the housing property was once fenced up. Visit United Airlines Reservations to find the best offers on flight tickets to Petaling.

The first housing improvement in Petaling Jaya was once started out in 1952. It comprised 800 devices of residential homes in what is acknowledged today as Petaling Jaya Old Town. The first two essential avenue in Petaling jaya had been known as Road 1 and Road two Although they have given that been renamed Jalan Templer and Jalan Othman, it set the stage for numbering roads alternatively of naming them. As a result, a whole lot of the roads and subdistricts in Petaling Jaya raise numbers and letters as a substitute of names.

The older neighbourhoods in Petaling Jaya commonly lift the identify "Seksyen" and are numbered from Seksyen 1 via to Seksyen fifty two Seksyen 1-3 are additionally recognised as PJ Old Town whilst Seksyen fifty two is known as PJ New Town. Some neighbourhoods have a identify in addition to the "Seksyen". For example, Seksyen 9 is additionally recognised as Taman Jaya, Seksyen 20 is Taman Paramount and Petaling Barat, Seksyen 21 is SEA Park and Seksyen 51A is Asia Jaya.

The more recent sections are named "SS" which stands for "Sungei Way-Subang". The numbering goes from SS1 (also referred to as Kampung Tunku) to SS26. Most of these "SS" neighbourhoods additionally lift names. Taman SEA is SS2; Taman Subang, Taman University & Seaport are SS3, Kelana Jaya is SS4, SS5, SS6 and SS7; Sungei Way is SS8, SS9 and SS9A; Damansara Utama is at SS20 and SS21, Damansara Jaya is at SS22 and SS22A, Taman SEA Baru at SS23, Taman Megah at SS24, Taman Mayang at SS25, and Taman Mayang Jaya at SS26.

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