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by on July 29, 2021

The icons are located in the upper right hand corner of RS gold the browser's right hand corner. They will tell you if the range is in desperate need of coal, or if it can be fixed. You will also see an icon that indicates how many players have lost their lives or jumped overboard. You'll get points for each successful cooking and fishing of err... fish. Note: you get points for fishing fixing leaks, cooking fish and dropping them off at the food vendor.

The job of a raider. Raiders' task is to attack the vessel that is in opposition and load the cannon. They also raise/move the flags. The task of defending a ship against an opponent can be hard, but enjoyable. To boost your score or kill their men, you can steal their loot and sink their vessel with cannons. You must also do it to protect your ship.

Because this is the most popular aspect of the game, they will be able to target your vessel as well (also I forgot to note that the colors for fishy are white/red while the colors for raidy are yellow/black.) If you ever need food, you can get it from the food vendor. Be careful with your food selections. You could lose a person in the group if you choose to consume a lot of low-quality food items.

It may seem easy to fill the cannon with water, however, it's not. You need to cheap OSRS gold repair any broken cannon, or you may have an issue. Be sure that the cannons that fire in intervals of 20 seconds are maintained. Also, refill them with cannonballs aswell as paper.

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