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by on June 23, 2022

Facebook is a very popular social networking platform and is used by more than 2 billion people. But sometimes it may happen that you are locked out of facebook account.

If you ever see yourself in such a problem, do not worry. We are going to tell you how you can get access to your account back.

Fix Locked out of Facebook Account

There can be different reasons for your Facebook account locked, but coming out of that problem is very easy. 

If you think your account has been locked due to the wrong reasons, then you can directly contact Facebook to resolve your problem. 

You can also submit an online form at facebook.com/help. This will lead the company to investigate your issue. You may not get an immediate response but you will get one. 

If you are wondering why Facebook locked me out, then it can also happen if you have forgotten the password of your account. For this, you can simply try to reset the password for your account either by phone number, email, or by the option to answer the security questions.

This will help you in getting access to your Facebook account back and you can then use it.

Posted in: Technology
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