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Bach Johann
by on August 7, 2022

Sell Used Servers With Ease:

Looking to sell used servers for cash We offer quick easy used server sales Get the most out of your old IT equipment Supermicro, Dell, IBM, more!

Looking for a trustworthy vendor who buys used servers? Look no further. We’ll pay you to take those servers off your hands quickly and securely. It’s never been this easy to sell used servers!

We securely erase all drives for free and issue a certificate of destruction. We’re also R2 certified to responsibly recycle non-viable assets. Fill out the form and we’ll get you a quote within 2 business days.


1.Send Us A List: Send us a spreadsheet or inventory list of the used servers and other hardware you’d like to sell, and within 2 business days we’ll get back to you with the current wholesale market value and an offer on your hardware. If you don’t have the list handy, we can provide a quote with the following:

Server Model Numbers ,Server Configurations, E.G. CPUs, RAM, Drives, and GPUs ,Date of Purchase and Condition ,Dell service tags (if applicable) ,Pictures ,Location(s)

2.Server Buyback Quote: You will receive the market value quote for your used servers within 2 business days, and the offer is good for one week. At this juncture we will determine:

Project location(s) and logistics details ,Deliverables (such as drives shredded on site, servers palletized, etc) ,Compliance, data security, and policy requirements

3.Get Paid: Once you’ve accepted the offer and are ready to sell your used servers, we will arrange for shipping or on site pick up sell servers. We can be on-site the very next day. Chain of custody documents and certificates of data destruction will be issued, and payment will be provided according to the terms set in the earlier phase.

Net-5 Payment via wire, check, or PayPal ,Prepay for established customers ,Total visibility during processing

Your Company’s Reputation is Safe With Us:

Mistakes are not an option with the kinds of organizations we serve.As a result, we adhere to strict data security and disposition methods and ensure an ironclad chain of custody.We are third party audited, and proudly received zero non-compliances at our last evaluation.Don’t hesitate to ask for references or our audit reports before you sell used servers to us.


exIT Technologies is a 25 year R2 certified IT Asset Recovery company located at 2254 Trade Center Way in Naples, FL. Easily sell servers, storage, networking, processors, memory, and hard drives. We ship, process, wipe, and send a check with an itemized report. Call, chat, e-mail any of our dedicated reps anytime for a next business day solution.

(561) 861-2789
[email protected]

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