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by on August 21, 2021

Mathieu and Baker, Bates, Simmons, Smith, and Simmons are all worthy of Mut 22 coins being on the Top 10. The remaining five on the other hand, are up for debate.

Hyde and Poyer's ratings are not yet released. EA hasn't yet released ratings for specific rookies or the top ten players in certain positions.

In looking at Hyde and Poyer to other safest options in the Top 10, one could begin to think of a reason on why they should be given higher ratings than some other safeties.

In 2020, Poyer finished with 124 combined tackles, five passes defended, two forced fumbles, two interceptions, as well as two sacks. Hyde finished with 70 total tackles and five passes guarded. These numbers are comparable to Madden 22's Top 10 safeties.

Devin McCourty is a good place to begin. In 2020, McCourty finished with buy Madden nfl 22 coins 68 combined tackles, six passes held and two interceptions. McCourty's numbers are not that significantly better than Poyer and Hyde's. Poyer, at the very least, should be higher than McCourty. Hyde should definitely be within three.

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