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Curtley Hudson
by on November 15, 2020

The development of a new vaccine for Covid-19 could potentially serve to save the world from this highly dangerous virus. However, the significance and success rate of the vaccine will depend heavily on how many people actually choose to take up the offer and get vaccinated. And, with the new vaccine only being about 90% effective based on the current clinical findings, the importance of making sure that as many people are vaccinated as possible cannot be overstated!

But with more and more people beginning to question whether or not taking a vaccination for Covid-19 could be safe, the question remains: why don’t people want to get vaccinated? As a provider of medical writer courses, we want to make sure that people understand the true benefits of vaccinations and help them to be aware of what puts people off getting potentially life-saving vaccines.


Reasons Why People Turn Down Vaccinations

There are a huge number of different reasons as to why people turn down vaccination offers; however, with the importance of people getting vaccinated against Covid-19 when the vaccine does eventually come out, people must dispel their fears and take up the offer to get protection.


Fear of Side Effects

The biggest reason as to why many people reject an offer of a vaccination is due to a fear of the side effects that could be caused by getting a vaccination. This was widely encouraged by the anti-vac movement after the release of the MMR – measles, mumps, and rubella – vaccine which was reported to cause autism. It was later proven that this was not the case at all; however, it has largely inspired a fear among the population regarding the use and safety of vaccines.


Fear of Injections

One of the weakest reasons as to why people turn down vaccinations, but an important one to consider nonetheless, is because of a fear of vaccinations. Many people are afraid of the pain associated with getting an injectable vaccination, which does make sense, and this could be enough to stop people taking up the offer of a vaccine – especially if they have other concerns, too.


The Potential of the Covid-19 Vaccine

The new Covid-19 vaccine has achieved a 90% success rate in a clinical trial setting, and these trials are set to continue throughout December to ensure that the data is accurate. If the vaccine is indeed safe, it could start the world in the right direction for defeating the pandemic – but only if enough people take up the offer of the vaccination.

Posted in: Health
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