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by on September 6, 2022

Swimming slowly back to the shore, I felt more and more that things were a little strange, because the men had a lot of mules and bags of things. Several big tents had been set up, the stone beach was busy, a few people just looked over with a little surprise, no one paid too much attention to these people who came out of the water in their underpants. We didn't know how to react at all. When we got to Yuncai and Ah Gui, I suddenly saw a man, the short guy with a Beijing accent who met at Father Panma's house, shouting at the villagers who were porters to do this and that, with a domineering look on his face. I have seen a lot of this kind of people on the road. I remember what I heard at that time. He should have come with a Beijing boss. So these people may have been brought by the Beijing boss. Did they also ask the story of Panma's father and prepare to come here to look for something? There are too many people! When he saw us, he met us once and said hello. I was too lazy to think about it, so I returned the gift, passed by him, went to the clouds, and asked what was going on? She said softly that she had heard several villagers tell her that a big boss had hired them to move things here, and that they were not clear about the specific situation. This is an awkward situation. I don't want things to develop like this, but the lake is public, and you can't say you won't let others come. This group of people's goal is that kind of several pieces, I do not know whether they know the truth of the iron, or simply for redemption,Automatic Nail Making Machine, can not make countermeasures. There was a steady stream of them, six or seven tents were set up, and all of them spoke with a Beijing accent, which made me feel vaguely that I had come to the edge of Houhai. Sit down and watch them warily as they rest. This is actually quite depressing, like when you are playing on the court, suddenly a bunch of people come, all of them are tall and big, and the number of people is several times more than you,Automatic nail machine, at this time you can only rest obediently. As I cursed, I looked carefully at what they had brought in to see if I could find any clues. I don't know if I don't see it, but my heart sinks when I see it. In those big packages, there were several scuba lungs, and many of the supplies looked like diving equipment. They came prepared. The fat man snorted. "They know there's something under the water." I turned my head for a moment and said to the fat man, "Could it be that some old ladle handle from Beijing has come here to look for goods?"? Do you know those people? "There are a lot of brokers and profiteers in Beijing," said the fat man. "Few of the Panjia yuan go to the fields in person. I don't think it's possible. These people are not from the city of 1949. I think they may be people we don't know. These days, there are new forces everywhere. "You have a lot of connections in Beijing. Do you know one or two people?" I'll ask again. The fat man shook his head, "I don't see a hot face, you let me take a closer look, but these people's Beijing accent is a bit strange.". Wait a minute, your fat man, I'll ask if I can find out who their boss is. The fat man went to the busy camp and greeted one of them in Beijing dialect, but the man ignored him. Who is the fat man? They followed immediately, Nail machine supplier ,Coil nail machine, and they were far away. I thought about what I could do, either go to their camp and see what they had, or just go to their boss? In the end, I didn't do anything, because the pain after diving made me unable to stand up, and my eyes and ears were very uncomfortable, especially my ears, which were itchy and painful, and the sound was very strange. It seemed that diving like this was very harmful to my body. Just as I was thinking about what to do, suddenly the stuffy oil bottle behind me pinched my shoulder. Pinch just right, I was so comfortable that I shrank my neck. My heart said that this guy had a conscience and wanted to give me a massage, but I heard him whisper, "Look." I turned my attention back to the camp to see if there was anything unusual, but I found another group of people in the woods on the other side, and one of them was helped down from the mule. The five short stature quickly met the past. Looking carefully, I found that the man's bow and arrow were a little old. After he came down, he staggered and could not even straighten his waist. There were several followers around him, and they came back and forth to us. I stood up to think about the past, but the stuffy oil bottle held me down. I turned my head and found him standing behind me, staring at the man and saying to me, "Don't let them see me.". ” "What's the matter?" In my heart, I straightened up to block the stuffy oil bottle and watched them get closer and closer. The man who looked like a big man was a tall but extremely thin old man, who could see that he must have been very burly when he was young. I couldn't see his face clearly because I was surrounded by several people. I only felt that he was very old and had no strength to walk. He should be in his twilight years. On the side of a group of people, there are men and women, more mixed, that five short stature all the way seems to be making an introduction. Several people talked and walked, but instead of walking in front of us, they turned into a tent. When they entered the tent, the stuffy oil bottle loosened its grip on my shoulder. I was pinched by him so that my blood was not smooth. I rubbed it a few times and asked him, "What's wrong?"? Do you know this man? He nodded, his face livid, and said, "Jude." "Jude?" I am stupefied, "is this old man Jude?" And then almost jumped up. Damn it! These people are also the team of a Ning company, the old man actually personally. For a moment I didn't know how to react. Jude Kau has an established image in my mind, both certain and uncertain, a preacher with a face like Sven Hedin, but somewhat like Marco. Poirot, the big liar. 。 In my childhood, my grandfather told me that Jude was the worst villain, and I used to imagine him as a monster with a big head and a wolf face. I didn't expect that he himself would be such an old man to describe the dry manuscript. This kind of anticipation makes me feel very strange and very unreal. Grandpa's story is equivalent to my childhood fairy tale book, now, the characters of the fairy tale book suddenly came out of Grandpa's notebook, for a while, there is a feeling of confusion. What's he doing here? Look at this situation,iron nail machine, you know what's going on under the lake. After the snake marsh, he didn't give up the pursuit like us, and he also came here. 3shardware.com

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