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by on September 13, 2022

Zheng Lisi carried the jade lute on her back and said, "One is Shenlong Xingyun Zheng Cong. He is the disciple of the Cloud Madman. The Cloud Madman wanted to use him to unify the Central Plains Wulin, but when Zheng Cong understood, he died at the hands of the Cloud Madman. That's what you saw with your own eyes, but you don't know!" Zheng Lei frowned, thought for a moment and said, "There is still a Shenlong Xingyun." Zheng Lisi sighed with emotion: "There is also Zheng Cong's younger brother, who is also your real father, Shenlong Xingyun Zheng Hui. He is now in Longhu Mountain. Zheng Feilong is just your nominal father." So Zheng Lei's own life experience, and how to lose memory, raised a lot of questions, Zheng Lisi then his story, completely retold again. Finally, Zheng Lisi replied to the conversation that proved that they were husband and wife. She said, "Brother, you have hair on your arm, but from the elbow up, it is smooth and delicate like a virgin. But on your left shoulder and arm, there is a long hair. We name it Yijian for you. Take it off if you don't believe me." Zheng Lei did not look incredulous, but he was naive and curious to take off his upper body and look at it. Sure enough, his upper arm was white, and there was indeed a hair of one or two inches, which was black and thick. Zheng Lisi gently stroked his arm and straightened the long hair and said,facial recognition thermometer, "Brother, do you still want me to tell you?" Zheng Lei nodded and said, "Third Sister, I believe you, and I like to listen to you. It's fun." Zheng Lisi was a little shy and said, "Brother, under your navel, there are five red moles as big as green beans. We often laugh at you. No wonder you want to have five wives." Zheng Lei pulled open the waist of his trousers and looked at it. He was very surprised. "Third Sister, what about the following?" He asked. Zheng Lei said what about the following? Is to Zheng Lisi continue to say the meaning,Interactive digital signage, but Zheng Lisi misunderstood, leaning on Zheng Lei's arms: "Below, I am embarrassed to say." Zheng Lei hugged her and said, "There are only two of us here. We are husband and wife. What's so hard to say?" Zheng Lisi raised her eyelids and glanced at him and said, "Your little brother is red and white. It looks a little palpitating and very cute. On it, there is a very obvious dragon-shaped vein. Your mother said it was a birthmark." Zheng Lei stretched out his hand to have a look. Zheng Lisi immediately pressed his hand and said, "Don't do this!"! How embarrassing it is. "Since we are husband and wife," said Zheng Lei childishly, "it's not that you haven't seen it. What does it matter if I see it?" "You wait for me to finish," said Zheng Lisi. "It's not too late for us to look at it in the opposite bushes." "Just now you said you were afraid of the cold," said Zheng Lei. Why are you going there now? Zheng Lisi pinched his chest and said with a smile, "I hate it. Who wants you to talk too much?" Zheng Lei then said to her, "Third Sister, what else?" Zheng Lisi's voice was even lower, and she said in a whisper, "You can control ten girls at night, digital signage screen ,digital whiteboard price, which is beyond the capacity of ordinary people.". The five of us are often forced to make an alliance under the city. If I were alone, I would be defeated and faint. Zheng Lei hugged her tightly and said, "Really?" "Of course it's true," said Zheng Lisi. "Would I lie to you?" "Third Sister," said Zheng Leifu in her ear, "I think.." "I can't help it, brother," said Zheng Lisi. After Zheng Lisi finished speaking, she only felt the clouds flying through the fog. It turned out that Zheng Lei had already risen in the air and swept to the opposite bushes. This clump of trees is really good, dense and evergreen. It was hard for outsiders to see, and the bushes were full of hay, fluffy like mattresses. Soon, the laughter of the two men came from the bushes, which sounded very attractive. "Third Sister," said Zheng Lei! You're absolutely right. If it hadn't been for you, I would have been taken in by the cloud madman! "Brother!" Said Zheng Lisi! Do you really want it? "Third Sister," said Zheng Lei, "I've been burning with desire for a long time. Now I can't bear to see you with fine skin and white flesh." "What are you looking at, brother?" Said Zheng Lisi. "Third Sister," said Zheng Lei in a voice, "I look very familiar with this little coiled thing on your left shoulder. What is it?" Zheng Lisi let out a burst of suppressed laughter and said, "When we gave birth to a child in Lilliput, the priest cut it with a knife and planted a kind of medicine. It was said to avoid demons and poison. I was not careful. Because I couldn't help itching, I scratched it, so it became this shape. This is what you often play with and touch, so you will feel familiar." "What is this, Third Sister?" Zheng Lei asked in surprise? This is fun. "I hate it," said Zheng Lisi in her voice. "It makes people feel uncomfortable." Zheng Lei's voice added, "You have two red plum blossoms here. Where have I seen them before?" "Nonsense," said Zheng Lisi. "Where have you seen it? I've seen it here, brother. You forget that you often kiss it. Will you kiss it quickly? After a pause, Zheng Lei added, "Third Sister, do you feel better?" "Don't ask," said Zheng Lisi in a nasal voice. "Can't you see it? Brother, I still want.." "Aren't you afraid of fainting?" Asked Zheng Lei. Zheng Lisi's voice: "I am not afraid of death!" Zheng Lei after a burst of "Tut Tut" voice: "If you faint to death how to do? Zheng Lisi's reproachful voice said, "Did you forget again that you always do it?" Zheng Lei's voice said, "Good sister, you know clearly that I have lost my memory. Can you tell me?"? Otherwise, wait a little while to make dizzy dead, can you wake up? "No," said Zheng Lisi in her voice. "I'll tell you now. Wait a minute. I'm dizzy. You forget it again. How can you do that?" Zheng Lei hesitated for a moment and then said, "I dare not say that I won't. You tell me to try first. If the time is not long, I don't think so." Zheng Lisi's voice said, "If you see me faint, you used to be mouth-to-mouth with me until I woke up, otherwise I would be in danger of sleeping forever!" "I think I will remember this," said Zheng Lei's voice. "You will support for a long time, maybe you will forget," said Zheng Lisi in an anxious voice. There was a sound of dispute in the bushes, followed by Zheng Lei's gasping voice: "Sister, you save me,temperature scanning kiosks, I, I..." "What's wrong with you?" Said Zheng Lisi in an angry voice? If you can't get your memory back, I won't listen to you. 。 hsdtouch.com

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