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by on September 13, 2022

The test of endurance-under the insistence of Xiaolongnv, I was forced to show two points, well, I reluctantly agreed, anyway, the two points of this man's body are not good-looking, but under the expression of the evil spirit "dare to show you are dead" and the tears of "Your Royal Highness, you must not be insulted by this", my action of stripping stopped in midair. Then I watched Xiaolongnv lead Phoenix and Sunny Day to fight against Evil Spirit and Ju. The two factions quarreled about whether my two points should be exposed or not, forcing me to be uncertain between taking off and wearing. I wonder whose those two points are. Finally, I lost my patience, and I roared with a very ugly face. It's so noisy! Five people turned to stare at me at the same time and said with great ambition. Or do you say dew or not? Being stared at by five people at the same time, my anger that had just come out was completely extinguished, and I made a timid proposal. Otherwise, how about half-naked in the mirror but not showing anything? "Take off your shirt and don't show it?" Xiaolongnv hesitated and said reluctantly. All right, then it's decided. "No, that'll still be seen by this guy!" The evil spirit is compared to the house. That's what I'm talking about. How can you see the prince's body? Ju also gnashed his teeth and answered. What should we do? I scratched my face. I can't do this or that. These two big men are more difficult than women. At this time,uns c70600, suddenly a strange voice came, as if. The sound of tearing tape? We turned around and saw Phoenix holding two pieces of tape and looking at my chest. Afterword: If someone says, tear off the tape from the key part, the degree of pain is no less than a woman giving birth to a child, I am in favor of it! Looking back from the horrible photo album shooting process just now, I looked at Xiaolongnv with my eyes whirling. Can I have a rest? "You can rest." Xiaolongnv said, and my eyes suddenly lit up. Finally,x70 line pipe, I can have a good tour of the boundless city. I can't wait to find out what delicious food there is in my city. …… Let's see. Rehearsals for the concert will begin tomorrow. "Rehearsing for a concert?" I asked in a daze. Right! It's Yu Lian's supervisor, because the concert cost a lot of money. Xiaolongnv whispered in my ear. Whoo, it's terrible! I want to cry without tears. Big brother, the most calculate tomorrow will start to rehearse the concert, let you have no time to come out to eat delicious food, you do not have to eat so desperately, right? Cloud helplessly looked at, from a meeting did not even say half a word, began to struggle with the food of me. Seeing that I had no reaction at all, Jing opened her mouth helplessly. Brother, what do you want to eat? Just tell us in secret language, and we'll send it to you. Hearing this, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x56 line pipe, I finally put down the chicken leg in my hand, poured a drink into my mouth and washed the food down, a little embarrassed to open my mouth. Thank you very much! "Eat slowly, and no one will compete with you." The evil spirit read unhappily. Prince, would you like another order of French fries? Ju happily handed me a towel to wipe my hands. Phoenix, on the other hand, wiped my mouth with a handkerchief, which made Jing and Yun envious. Eh? Why is there no sunny day? The cloud suddenly raised doubts. And the sun? Jing also raised doubts. I went shopping. I answered carelessly, although I don't know why Kenshin didn't go. Don't doubt that this guy has been next to me all the time, but he is so silent that even the author doesn't know how to let everyone know that he is still there. He can't always say that he is sitting on the side with a cold face. It's rare that a sunny day would be willing to leave your side. Jing said a little incredulously. She said she was going to look at the location of the bookstore. I couldn't help stuffing in the French fries I had just ordered, so I had to say vaguely. Bookstore? What bookstore? The cloud said in a daze. Infinite Bookstore, the first bookstore of Second Life, which we are going to open soon. "You really deserve to be a professor," Ju said with sparkling eyes. "When it comes to books, you are so fanatical. I thought as I ate French fries." Where do you sell books? Jing asked hesitantly. "At the beginning, there was a photo album of the band, and I would write a few books to sell first, and then after I made a name for myself, I would let people sell them on consignment, or even solicit contributions, and we would help make books. These things were nothing to me." Ju's eyes are shining with the light of two hundred IQ. Really? That, that.. The cloud was a little hesitant, as if embarrassed to put forward. It suddenly occurred to me that Yun and Jing seemed to like writing here and there, and from time to time forced me to watch a bunch of their joint creations, such as the great tragedy of human relations in the invincible century of the universe. To be honest, it's not bad, but the title is not flattering. What kind of title? Just read that pile of things. Can we sell our books at the bookstore? Jing can't wait to put forward. Of course, you can take advantage of these days to write down, let me see, should be able to put on the opening of the bookstore. I'm glad someone can help me write some books. That's great. Jing and Yun hugged each other excitedly. By the way, Jing and Yun, have you bought your cabin? I suddenly remembered that Jing and Yun seemed to be picking a cabin last time. I don't know how it went? "Buy it!"! "It's a lovely white wooden house with a small garden." The cloud said excitedly. Whoo? I'm going to see it. I sprang to my feet. Waiter, pack the rest! "I can't be with you, Prince." Ju stood up first and sighed deeply. Yu Lian asked me to go back to get the stage design of the concert, and I had to draw the design of the bookstore, and then I had to write a few books to sell to the bookstore. "Wow, you're really busy." I don't know how much time this guy spends preparing our students' class data, ten minutes? Maybe shorter.. "Your Royal Highness, my people are not here,x52 line pipe, but my heart is absolutely with you." With tears in my eyes, I looked back again and again, and was finally kicked out by the impatient me. lksteelpipe.com

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