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by on November 21, 2020

This could be good to help folks learn how to pk. Much like LMS even with the proposed active/deactivate along side, people will still favor one over another and wait patiently for that one to come about. Want more choices. However, what do I know. Styles can be changed each year. It might breathe life into pking fashions not often done as far as they used to but are still skilful and aggressive. Every setup looks fine to me, even though this will not get anywhere I'll just mention that individuals use mystics on primary fights so you get penalized for  RS gold getting the wrong gear / beg on even more, ahrims giving melee defence stats.

No you just get penalized for trying to mage, it is literally just better to bolt instead of use mystics with no occult. I understand this works because lms base equipment works the exact same way. And I'm pretty sure because recent pvp tourney they used ahrims and occult and people were splashing all around the place. Still doesn't change my stance on the way an elo setup is pretty dumb for outlast nh stakes, when it's basically decided by rng. That is the reason why individuals only nh stake vs people they are worse than them (obviously the people who are worse either don't know it, or are trying to establish themselves), it is pointless otherwise.

And unless you make it so you can not measure under brid, then the fight is even more centered on mage rng, which explains the reason why mystics is even more assists cause you dash and your opponent manages to grab - and that wins the fight cause he abuses step under mechanisms. And I really don't care what you say about another setups, even if you think mystics is ok, that zerk hybrid installation is seriously something nobody on the planet would ever use - not if they wanted to actually ko anybody, and if you wished to outlast you'd fall a few of the switches for food.

Should you extract ahrims you are still likely to be having higher mage defence which results in same quantity of splashing, only way you'd get punished for maging in mystics if you time your attacks wrong or actually get unfortunate. The majority of the time the greater brid / nher would win and there is no way you could remove rng out of RS, that's just how Runescape is. And dding a part of nhing as it's called no honour for a reason, I really don't enjoy it myself but it will add to the fights. I've nh lots that is staked and I've never had that numerous issues with  OSRS buy gold maging. If something I have noticed problems come into play when people take ahrims out / occult. At the conclusion for the hybrid loadouts it doesn't matter as you both enter the battle with same setups so you're on equal footing. DDS is great because it really makes you think the way to outplay your opponent to get the specs.

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