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by on March 6, 2023

Food scraps and compostable packaging are decomposed according to different time frames.12oz single wall coffee cup Generally speaking, how long it takes for something to decompose depends on several factors, such as the type of material, what composting method is used, and the climatic conditions (environment) to ensure high-quality compost.disposable paper plate Most of our compostable packages have passed the industrial composting standards and will be decomposed in industrial composting facilities within the standard time frame (within 9-12 weeks at most), where the perfect balance of temperature, oxygen and moisture are effectively monitored.


Do you provide composting solutions for compostable packaging?printed coffee sleeves wholesale As a supplier of compostable disposables and packaging,disposable paper cup suppliers we work with multiple sustainable partners to provide our customers with innovative solutions to process and reduce their (organic) waste streams in a circular manner.double wall coffee cups wholesale One of our partners provides innovative food waste equipment solutions, such as mobile composting machines used in commercial or industrial kitchens, which can convert food waste into compost in a relatively short time.


customized pla cup In addition, on-site composting can be an exciting opportunity to dispose of your used Hyde compostable packaging. Find here a complete overview of sustainable disposables in various materials and sizes suitable for composting machines.personalized snow cone cups All our products are made of sustainable materials, which come from renewable resources and are fully compostable.cornstarch bags wholesale Do you want to learn more about composting machines? Our partners can provide tailor-made recommendations for your organization and/or company and help you take the "final" steps to creating a successful circular business.hexagonal pizza box We are happy to let you get in touch with our partners. Contact your local waste management agency and ask about disposal methods available in your area.plastic free paper cup There may be curbside collection options or local delivery locations that can process certified compostable packaging. Unfortunately, in the presence of composting infrastructure, compostable packaging is still not always accepted.rectangle food container As a result, compostable packaging is not widely available, and commercial/industrial composting infrastructure is still in its infancy in terms of availability, clarity, and feasibility.


However, compost is becoming more and more popular, and many programs are interested in promoting its growth.8oz double wall coffee cup Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest product news and interesting topics about sustainable disposable products and packaging.

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