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by on November 25, 2020

Could I relly be in  RuneScape gold a position to fight dragons because a ranger because I couldnt get a anti monster shield unless I used a x-bow and idw to do this. What lvl slayer would you start makeing decent cash out of drops? And a ranger would slayer be harder for me? Would a dwarf cannon be well worth the cost? How much better is dragon armor compared to rune precisely? Any notion which manhood skill I must train first? Certain skills are more precious than others, so what do yall think?

I hear that pest management gives you exp in a skill of your choice, however for some reason in my conclusion I havent been abale to find a thing on this site describing exactly what it is. So insted of takeing the time to post a link or fire me for my inabilitys, just say yes or no. Can I train prayer efficiently af pest control if im a ranger? You can xp in any battle skill of your own choice, HP, Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged and Prayer. I know I'm going to get red dhide as a armor. However what I don't understand what im going to use is my bow. Initially I was planning to use a tee shirt, but I read and alot of folks claimed it is insanely slow, so I do not understand what to use now.I'm thinking about a mage short, but I recently heard theres a mage compound. I'm almost completely clueless here dudes, and it is probably my most important question.

I'm not a master of range, but I believe both the Dragon Bow and Mage Composite Bow are all slow. I believe the Magic Shortbow is your best shot until 65-70 (at that stage Dorgeshuun C'Bow is useful) I saw to a youtube vid that the fleash eaters or w/e they're (the things that look like giant potatoe bugs) in stronghold (I belive lvl 3) drop herbs and other good items in members. Can anyone vouch that claim? Im not very certain if it had been runescape or even moper or w/e its predicted. They drop a good deal of herbs, and they really do exist. They are in the southeastern corner of the Stronghold, Floor 2. You do not have to be a member to visit'em, go pay a visit. However, you do need to be  cheap School RS Gold a member to get herbs.

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