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by on November 20, 2023

Let's get started with the blockbuster deal. The Giants traded a top wide receiver to Cleveland for an 2019 first-rounder (17th overall) and a third-round 2019 pick and safety Jabrill Peppers. (Btw there was a player exchange for a trade! Yay.)Denard Robinson Madden 24 Coins, Offensive weapon, Jacksonville Jaguars

The tag offensive weapon could make Denard Robinson an interesting player to follow during training camp. The Jaguars identified their fifth-round pick as such because Robinson, the ex- Michigan quarterback declared himself an offensive player during minicamp meetings with the team. Robinson has plenty of flexibility on the field, and has the potential to be a reliable receiver for the Jaguars. The coaching staff must come up with ways to employ his skills as well, which is why Robinson such an intriguing case study.

Tharold Simon was pretty awful during his final year at LSU. A tough cornerback with the ability to play coverage for the press, Simon was constantly exposed for his inability to use quick feet and fluid hips. Lucky for him, the Seahawks love big, physical cornerbacks. Simon's final season at LSU an indicator of his skill or will the Seahawks come up with a method to transform him into a formidable cover man like the many other players?

Fantasy football fans are likely to be monitoring the Packers running back's situation with a close eye throughout the preseason and training camp. Youngsters Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin are expected to split the workload in Green Bay's backfield since they possess different skills Cheap Mut 24 Coins. But one of these running backs may be able to separate himself during the preseason.

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