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by on November 28, 2023

I'm a bit sluggish, why should I be a beginner player? I mean there are two very different games . Right now the new content is being released for traditional players, while some prefer traditional more, and some prefer retail more . Personally, I've always been a fan of class WoTLK Classic Gold, in the past. If you're new here , make sure to subscribe my youtube channel on YouTube SPN TV also VM follow the stream and want to follow you can follow the stream you can download the extension to receive updates on everything going on in the stream. I'm trying trying to run in and just leave as much as I can , and that's the reason I'm making a resume

Brandon BG Yeah, certainly is that the way you play retail. Not really.

I'm always saying there's a difference between streaming something and playing it and I'm sure that's what I do with retail well since I don't think have any retail experience I've been thinking of the final chapter of Burning Crusade the beginning of an era of wrath, and perhaps in the first few days of Cataclysm similar to if I played for a couple of weeks or in the middle of an expansion like I'll stream it I'll give you like my legitimate thoughts on the game. But outside of like there being massive changes that the game has undergone. The only thing I can think of as something that I'd be most interested in. playing retail Wow.

Now the game changes quite a bit. If the game's changing a lot, then maybe there's a good chance that I will always insist on there to be like, the option and the capability of playing classic WoW whether it's vanilla, whether it's burning crusade or wrath of Lich King. As a player, I think those things should always be available to all players, which I think that's a essential thing.

Like not just for like gamers to enjoy it but in terms of, I mean, you need to study games' history as well as online games like wow was was literally like it like an international phenomenon buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. For instance, wow was a phenomenon in 20. Similar to 2008 2007, that was the was happening in the fortnight of 2018. Much like the fortnight before it, it was huge. It was insane. It was far and away, it was far and away.

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