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by on December 4, 2020


So your expression gold  Animal Crossing Bells sellers would value the money as worthless as well as the transfer speed will be terrible?There are such games like Adventure Capitalist where you literally create quadrillions, I feel like you would get some cash for that

Inflation would happen if the money was invested, if the money is kept in a bank the fastest way to avoid inflation would be to make enough cash to buy the bank so the bank does not pay the cash and cause inflation.Granted, you're constantly investigated for possessing enormous properties from unidentified sources, and eventually you're frustrated you stop any game, ever.It's not from a recognized source, it's from GTA 5

Granted, but it works exactly the same manner with debt.

At this point you owe enough money to cause financial ruin for a complete top 10 nation. Money you get are worth next to nothing, since you are bankrupt and have a'junk' credit rating. Interest is extreme.

Edit: Sure hope you did not play Stellaris.

I could just download some readily modded game and use it to gain a sh*tload of ingame currency to pay off my debt, and then some.Energy is your money, so I guess. The GDP of ground is a small drop compared to late sport Stellaris, where you've Dyson spheres and mass extractors and a galaxy broad empire.Congratulations, you get thousands  of video game coins in their bodily form, but aren't legal tender and therefore can't be utilized at all (if you don't find a way to transport video game items to the actual world)!


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