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by on September 28, 2021

It was part of the reasoning that "It's an adverse effect on RS gold yew shortbows etc" Well, if they DID drop, they'd still be just as popular to sell to as they are profiting from. Players would have a wide range of options to increase their profits by a few Gp.

The precedent is now set. The logic behind the sticky is that it was profitable to that the body of the dhide was made. Does that mean they will change the prices? Or, take OVLDS. The cost of making one has halved in the last few months. Does that mean they'll upgrade them? They're expensive pots.

Jagex will not be happy in the future. It's unjust for people who bought natures to force this change upon them. This is a story I wrote to be the devil's advocate. The majority of people, if they aren't already aware, are aware that Jagex has changed the price of nature rune. Mod Teabag chatted about the reason for that change during his morning snack breaks. Here's what he said.

"Yes I want to verify that we did alter the alch value of buy OSRS gold nature runes. This WAS NOT DUETO BOTS. Let me explain why this was done. This update did not represent a cave-in to bots or rwt'rs that some conspiracy theorists assert on RS. Our game is 100% bot-free.

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