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by on October 3, 2021

Smart casual dress code for men


Most of the time, we hear people talk about a smart casual dress code. However, most men have no idea what it is. They end up asking themselves too many questions; what is smart casual? Where do I wear smart casual? When do I wear smart casual? Are t-shirts smart casual?  Well, I am here for you. This article will talk about the smart casual dress code and how to nail the look.So, what is smart casual? Smart casual dress code bridges the gap between casual and formal dress codes. Most of the corporate offices and tech firms embrace such type of dress code. It is a laid-back style but still has a professional vibe in it. Though it is versatile, smart casual dress code varies by occasion, climate and also location. You can think of it as a flexible extension of business casual. For instance, you can never wear a t-shirtin a formal setting. Layering it under a blazer brings out the smart casual dress code. Here are a few smart casual essentials available at Wayrates at affordable prices.

  1. Shoes

When it comes to smart-casual shoes, there are endless options to go for. Shoes that fall under this category may include shoes like sneakers, Chelseaboots and dressier options.  The most common type of shoes worn with smart casual outfits is sneakers. Who doesn't own a sneaker? Sneakers are the most versatile, and you can wear them with almost everything in a casual setting. Choose them in neutral colours such as grey, white, black, or black. You can also choose to go with leather boots. Such boots will elevate your look from a basic one to a more stylish one. Pair them with stylish men’s clothing for a cool look.

  1. Pants

The trousers you wear say so much about you, a reason why you should be careful when shopping for your wardrobe. Chinos, khaki pants, wool trousers and dress pants fall under smart casual outfits. Dark denim can also suit a smart casual dress code, especially when paired with men’s Henley. However, it is important to avoid choosing colours that are no–go for business casual.

  1. Outerwear

Cool-weather means layering pieces. For a smart casual dress code, there are endless options of outerwear. Go for blazers, peacoats, a quilted jacket and many others that will bring out the smart-casual vibe.


Above are things you should consider adding to your smart-casual wardrobe.


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