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by on October 5, 2021

Combat is now easier to access It's likely that you have seen all sorts of information about the action bar and how you can create your own buttons to access important combat functions. Furthermore, every button will be connected to OSRS gold the keyboard.

Drag spells and equipment and prayers are possible. The food you consume through the action bars will continue removing food items from your inventory, until you run out of the particular food type. We're totally redesigning the spell book too, making it much easier to use, and including combat-specific abilities in their own ability book!

We've also enhanced the display of statistics for weapons. If you click on an equipment piece, you will see a tooltip. It will show its stats. Additionally it will color-code any changes or decreases in your combat stats. Very useful for dealing with equipment that is new.

We're also changing the way combat level calculations are done. We're eliminating the current design of 138 maximum and replacing it with a calculation that is much simpler to comprehend: X + Defence level +2 = your Combat level. (X is the most advanced level in Magical, Ranged Attack, or buy RuneScape gold Strength stats). This is the latest maximum combat level 200

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