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Have you seen Ivana Alawi's Instagram?

Espi Ya | Apr 24 '18 | Comments: 3 | Tags: models, pinay, pretty pinay, filipina, instagram
Ivana Alawi's photoshoot just broke the Pinoy internet. See more at her Intragram account

Fumika Baba is hot!

Espi Ya | Apr 22 '18 | Rate: 5 | Tags: bikini, beach, sexy, japanese, models
Fumika Baba (馬場 ふみか Baba Fumika, born June 21, 1995, in Niigata, Niigata Prefecture, Japan)[1] is a Japanese actress and model who is represented by the talent agency Name Management. Baba's skills are ballet and juggling. She was scouted at a local street when she was in high school, and started working as a model for the...